Workshop I

IATF/ VDA6.3/ FMEA – Smart guidelines for addressing risk in your organization

Workshop moderator:

Ioana Bodogae 

trainer and VDA6.3 auditor, also a third-party IATF auditor, which has contributed to the enrichment of her experience in the field.

Regardless of the activity and position in the organization, a risk-based approach brings the advantages of directing efforts where they are really needed and beneficial.

In this workshop, we will discover together ways to identify and manage risks to improve performance in your organization.

Workshop 2

Time of uncertainties - a possible approach

Workshop moderator:

Cristian Șuteu

He is VDA certified trainer for several domains: VDA6.3, VDA6.5, VDA6.7, VDA5, VDA-MLA; FMEA AIAG&VDA.

Cristian Șuteu, a TCM engineer, has been working in various companies in the automotive industry since 1990, with specific activities and responsibilities in general management and quality management within automotive companies.

Since 2008 he has been a WSQR partner. In the 15 years of collaboration, he has been involved in consultancy projects for companies in the automotive industry and also in many training sessions on specific approaches in the automotive industry.

Workshop 3

SMART maintenance: focus on predictive techniques

Workshop moderator:

Marcel Chiorean

Project Manager, Bosch Cluj/Romania

From the beginning, the maintenance concept needs to be defined.

Maintenance plans, tasks to be executed, the period for reoccurrence, parts to be exchanged, and to be checked. Values to be measured and recorded, people to hire, train, evaluate, and supervise during execution… more and more for the best productions availability.

How far are we from a Smart maintenance system?

But are we in the right direction?

Did we choose the right tools in order to minimize the “not necessary cost” called maintenance cost?

Are any solutions and can we implement predictive maintenance?

In this interactive workshop, we will debate clarifying the understanding of the maintenance, how & what to do`s in order to decide the right path exists toward predictive techniques.

Workshop 4

Digitalization of Shopfloor Management - from local to global collaboration

Workshop moderator:

Stelian Ticusan

In his book on continuous improvement techniques for new industry challenges in the 1980s, Kiyoshi Suzaki pointed out that “problems are often caused by lack of coordination and the tendency for people to focus on their individual activities”.

This workshop will highlight the challenges brought about by the concept of “e-mobility”, but also what current solutions can be to solve the problems by digitizing the management of production workshops, the techniques used both for management support and their use in production facilities locally and globally, with the ultimate aim of increasing the level of acceptance of those involved.

Workshop Results 2020

Please find the results of the workshops here: SQD2019_Result-Workshops

If you want to access the photos of the workshop please click this link: Link to the photos