Review on the 2014 edition of Sibiu Quality Days

Kuhnke Production Romania is one of the industrial pioneers in Sibiu. The company is among the first foreign capital enterprises, which began in 1998 with the production of parts for the automotive industry. The quality of its products has been and is still crucial for the company success. In this context, the manufacturer of electromechanical and electronic components hosted the opening of the 5th edition of Sibiu Quality Days, which took place on 13th November 2014.

The conference dedicated to quality management in Romania was organized this year on a period of three days. The organizers Werner Seeger Quality Management Romania responded with this extension of the period to a great interest of the participants in the previous years. A total of 32 quality managers from 16 companies, among which we can nominate Kromberg & Schubert Romania SRL, Nobel Automotive Romania, Oechsler, Simea Siemens, Kuka Sistems or Flaro Prod, attended this year’s conference.

 During the launch event, the conference theme Quality Management. Reducing risks – Satisfied customer was approached by Andra Boboc, the general manager of Kuhnke, and Horatiu Boborodea, the quality manager. From 2013 Kuhnke is part of Kendrion Automotive, and is classified for all customers as supplier of A Category, and is certified ISO / TS16949. Mrs. Andra Boboc and Mr. Horatiu Boborodea presented the entire supply chain starting from materials acceptance and organizing storage to production process control. At Kuhnke the quality is ensured through various measures at all stages of production. In the department Surface Mounting Tech the company uses methods as Solder Paste Inspection (SPI) și Automatical Optical Inspection (API). Manual operations are controlled by a Circuit Test (ICT). In the final control it uses methods such as Poka Yoke or FMEA to ensure product quality.

After the company visit, the participants worked in four workshops on practical issues of quality management. Flaviu Constantin, quality manager at Flaro Prod, discussed the applicability of quality management tools. “Reducing risks- customer satisfaction – Use FMEA method” was the theme taken up by Alin Biriş, team manager of quality assurance Marquardt in Sibiu. HR Expert Oana Suba informed the participants about “Filters, perceptions and assumptions (or how to overcome communication barriers.” Andreas PETSCHKE from sycat IMS GmbH and Werner Seeger showed the benefits of a “software-based process management.” The workshops work was completed by the speech of Petra Floruncuţ. The expert from TÜV SÜD Romania has spoken about the “New requirements for TS 16949 certification”.

The conference “Sibiu Quality Days” was supported by companies as Flaro Prod SA, Kuka Systems SRL, sycat IMS GmbH and VDA-QMC.

Workshop I

Filters, perceptions and assumptions (Or how to overcome the barriers to communication)

Workshop moderator: Oana Suba
Psiholog, master SNSPA in Comunicare Manageriala si Resurse Umane

Ability to convey opinions and ideas, to give and receive feedback, to diffuse the differences, to persuade others to adopt your point of view is equally an important competence,as well as those necessary for a technical job.
The barriers to effective communication are coming from the way our mind works. Our perceptions represents our own reality, the way we interpret and understand this reality. We hear through our own filters which often, distorts what we hear. We have our own expectations, that lead us to interpret in a different way certain situations or behaviors. With the help of several activities we will become aware of the extent to which our own filters, assumptions and perceptions affects our communication and relationship way with others.

Workshop II

Quality Management Tools

Workshop moderator: Flaviu Constantin
Manager Calitate, Flaro Prod S.A.

One of the key elements of organizational success is customer satisfaction. It should be an objective of quality management. By reducing the risks of the processes we will have satisfied customers. In this workshop we will know the quality tools that can reduce the risks. With practical examples we approach 5Whys method for problem solving and continuous improvement. It will be defined the corrective actions in three main directions: appearance, detection and system. The scope of the workshop is to learn how an organization can have satisfied customers therefore to achieve success.

Workshop III

Reducing risks – satisfying clients! Use FMEA Method!

Workshop moderator: Alin Biris
Quality Assurance Team Leader -Marquardt Schaltsysteme SCS

“Prevention is always better than cure!”

Starting from the simple inspection of finished products in the 1920s and up to the total quality management in the 2000s we can notice an exponential evolution in which means continuous improvement and quality planning. Only by reducing risks we will get to client’s satisfaction. During this workshop we will discuss about FMEA method (Failure Mode, Effects and Analysis) and how we can use this method in order to reduce client’s risks, defining prevention actions and evaluating the report „risks-costs-effort”. The aim of this workshop is that participants learn to use FMEA as a quality management tool and to obtain client’s satisfaction!

Workshop IV

Software-based process management

Language: English

Workshop moderators: Andreas Petschke
Certified B2B-specialist and Sales manager for the Sycat IMS
and Werner Seeger
Managing Director of Werner Seeger Quality Management

This workshop provides to the participants the basic knowledge to manage processes with software support. Constant changes in the market are forcing companies to continuously improve the organization and her processes. Specialized software solutions today streamlines the design process in particular. A modern solution process management is “sycat” tool. During the workshop the participants are learning practice related to how to design, analyze, optimize and document business processes. Using practical examples from administration and value added processes, they are working together for practical solutions. During the workshop the participants will learn how to visualize processes and get a basic process design knowledge to design the key processes in the company.


Werner Seeger is a mechanical engineer and has been working for about 25 years in the field of quality assurance/quality management. After holding management positions in this field in various industries, since 1994 he is working as a freelance consultant, coach, 3rd party auditor in the automotive industry and interim manager for quality management, enjoying international success. As managing director of Werner Seeger Quality Management he runs the organisation of „Sibiu Quality Days“.

Oana Suba is a specialist in organizational psychology, in the company HR Analytics in Brasov.
Since 2005, she has been organizing and coordinating with her colleagues, hundreds of development programs for teams – team building – as well as trainings and workshops.
Another major area of activity is recruitment and selection, organizational diagnoses and psychological or personality assessments.
Last but not least, she is passionately involved in projects with students, and continues to train and refine, considering lifelong learning a necessity.

Flaviu ​​Constantin had his first contact with the industry at the company Bosch Rexroth Blaj. Then he continued as a Quality Assurance engineer at SC FLARO PROD SA-Sibiu. From 2011, he is Quality Manager with tasks on the Quality Management System and Quality Assurance.
The first objective set by the management, obtaining ISO TS16949 Certification, was successfully achieved in October 2011. He continued with the development of quality assurance Department, but also with improvements for all the company processes. He is ISO 9001, ISO TS 16949 and VDA 6.3 Auditor and VDA-QMC approved trainer for ISO/TS 16949, VDA 6.3 and VDA 6.5. From 2013, Flaviu works with success as part of the WSQR network partners as trainer, workshop moderator, consultant and auditor.

Alin Biriş is working in the international group Marquardt Schaltsysteme SCS. as a Quality Assurance Team Leader. In 2009, at the completion of engineering studies at „Hermann Oberth“ University, in Sibiu, he started to work in the Quality Assurance Department, responsible mainly for monitoring installation and its optimization. The courage to put into practice new ideas and the desire for professional development were the key to succes, hereby Alin Biris took new tasks and responsibilities, from the new position of Serial Quality Planner. From this position he coordonated transferring projetcts from Germany and their serial introduction in Romania- always in order to achieve the objectives set. Starting from 2012 he worked as a FMEA Moderator ( the probability analysis of defects and their analysis). Focused on ambitious and innovative ideas, he joined Werner Seeger Quality Management Trainer’s Team in 2013 and since then he conducts many seminars high level appreciated.

Andreas Petschke is a certified B2B-specialist. Since 2011 he works as sales manager for the sycat IMS, mainly responsible for international direct sales and for sales partnerships outside of Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Before he joined the sycat IMS he worked as sales representative for different international operating companies of all lines of business. He made the experience, that there are numerous treasures in a company’s business processes – only hidden by unsuitable or unstructured management systems. He helps companies building up modern management system, by using database driven tools, that increases a company’s efficiency in adopting the market’s requirements.


Flaro Prod

Flaro Prod provides products and services for highly diverse markets: automotive, electrical, stationery, household, and green energy. Our company operates in Sibiu, from here we serve national and international markets (Europe, USA and China).

We dispose of a quality management accordant to ISO 9001 and fulfill the automotive quality standards conform ISO / TS 16949. In the future, we intend to implement the environmental management system ISO 14001. One of our strengths is the flexibility in the production of small series. Technical equipment is modern: we use advanced injection equipment with all necessary peripherals. For the production of metal parts we use automatic presses and plating. Services offered by Flaro Prod include plastics processing, injection, punching and bending metal processing, metal plating, CNC lathe, manual assembly and welding of PVC.

The Flaro Prod product range includes: complex parts for the car lighting and electrical system, gearbox parts, parts contributing to the vehicle safety; plastic parts for electrotechnical products, office supplies, writing instruments, stationery products, merchandising specialities, haberdashery and household goods.

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Flaro Prod


KUKA Systems Group

 The KUKA Systems Group is one of the world’s leading providers of engineering services and manufacturers of flexible automatic production systems. Our customers are companies from the automotive, aerospace, and solar industries, among others. Our range of performance encompasses products and services for almost all applications in the industrial processing of metallic or non-metallic materials.

With 4000 employees, in over 15 countries, each of the companies works together for the production solutions of the future. Within the subsidiary from Sibiu takes place the production, the assembly as well as installing electric and pneumatic fastening tools, the so-called Orange Tools. In the second
stage follows the grab kit and fastening frames, contour parts and manufacturing individual parts. The Romanian subsidiary of KUKA is in Sibiu, old Hermannstadt, a city where are a lot of factories and many other German companies.

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Sycat IMS

Sycat IMS is the system integrator for professional software solutions for business process management. In a comprehensive tool range, we offer a database-supported organization and process design with the multiple award-winning process management software sycat. Designed together with strong partners sycat IMS provides event-driven solution landscapes according to the motto: Just do it! Implementing complex issues in a simple manner is our strength!

The process management tool sycat is a powerful, modular software. Sycat forms the basis for a holistic approach to business process design. The standard software sycat enables the modeling, analysis, optimization, simulation and documentation of business processes. Both administrative and manufacturing processes can be represented graphically in different ways. With the so visualized processes you have the basis for an integrated, holistic and process-oriented approach to designing your companies core processes.

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Sycat IMS


Partner of the Sibiu Quality Days 2014


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Marquardt Schaltsysteme SCS

Marquardt has been a successful, international and independent family enterprise for over 85 years. We are a leading manufacturer in the field of electro-mechanical and electronic switches and switching systems. Our products are used by many well-known automobile manufacturers and our systems are also found in household appliances and other industrial applications. In the field of power tool switches, we are the global market leader. The Marquardt Group operates in all the important markets all over the world and has offices at 12 locations with more than 6,000 employees in total – and everyone makes sure that ideas develop into marketable, cutting-edge technologies.

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HR Analytics

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VDA QMC – qualitystandards of the Germanautomotive industryOne of the most relevant pace makers in thedevelopment and dissemination of qualitystandards is the Association of the GermanAutomotive Industry (VDA). Its Quality ManagementCenter (QMC) combines high technicalexpertise, years of experience “on the job”,and provides a knowledge transfer to the qualityprofessionals.

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