Werner Seeger

Werner Seeger verfügt über langjährige Berufserfahrung und arbeitet seit 1994 international erfolgreich in den Bereichen Aufbau, Reorganisation und Einführung von Managementsystemen, Personal- und Organisationsentwicklung, Prozessmanagement und -optimierung, Projektmanagement, Interimsmanagement und Coaching von Führungskräften.

Robert Jugan-Elias

Hr. Diplom-Kaufmann Robert Jugan-Elias bringt mit über 20 Jahren umfangreiche Erfahrungen aus der Automobilindustrie mit. Er startete seine berufliche Laufbahn bei BMW und setzte diese in der Automobilzulieferindustrie als Qualitätsleiter fort.
Seit einigen Jahren arbeitet er international erfolgreich als 3rd party Lead Auditor für
IATF 16949:2016. Er ist zugelassener Trainer und Prüfer beim VDA für IATF 16949:2016,
VDA 6.3 etc. und hat Lehraufträge an Hochschulen für Qualitätsmanagement. Weiterhin leitet er den Regionalkreis der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Qualität (DGQ) in Niederbayern.
Zu seinen Kunden zählen namhafte Unternehmen wie Bosch oder Schäffler, um nur einige zu nennen.

Adrian Iovanescu

Adrian Iovanescu is Quality Manager at one of the top automotive companies, responsible for electrical wiring harness division. He started his professional career in automotive industry as operator for automatic equipments. Through work, results and consistency he had several middle management positions. He has been part of the project teams for launching of new factories/ projects in Europe and North Africa, then he held management positions in various factories in Romania. During 15 years of experience in automotive industry, he has oriented towards technical side leaned to quality.

Alexandra Petculescu

Alexandra Petculescu began her career as a quality engineer 14 years. She has held various positions in several automotive companies and she is also qualified as a third party auditor according to IATF 16949. She is currently leading the operations department of Marquardt Schaltsysteme Romania. In the current position, she is responsible for the quality and quantity of the delivered products. She attended many courses and specializations both in the field of quality and in the improvement of processes, i.e. VDA 6.3, MSA, SPC, Core TOOLS, Kaizen, 5S, OEE, etc.

Roland Joldis

Roland Joldis began his activity in the field of quality at Daimler AG Rastatt. After his return to Romania, he continued his development at the companies Takata Arad and TRW Timisoara as quality engineer, then as coordinator of the quality department for the airbag module components suppliers. Currently, he is Manager of the Supplier Quality Department at Inteva Products Salonta and also coordinates the transition of the quality management system to the new IATF 16949 standard. He is VDA 6.3, Six Sigma Black Belt certified and QMS Lead Auditor.

Andrei Văcaru

Andrei Văcaru has more than 12 years of experience in journalism and communication. As a journalist and presenter of TV shows as well as public and corporate events, he discovered the secrets of public discourse and used them for his courses “Public Speaking” and “Presentation Skills”. Since 2008, he has been supporting companies in corporate communications. Vacaru is a A.N.C. accredited trainer and has more than 7 years of experience in the organization and execution of team building.

Werner Seeger
Managing Director, Werner Seeger Qualitätsmanagement Romania

Werner Seeger has been working 30 years successfully in the field of quality management, process management, organizational and human resources development and worked as an interim manager.

After working in leading positions in various industries since 1994 he is now a consultant, 3rd party auditor, 1st and 2ndparty Auditor, coach and interim manager operating in several industrial companies successfully.

He passed the training of DGQ to EOQ Quality Manager and EOQ Quality Auditor and works as an approved trainer at VDA-QMC. His profile is complemented by an education in OEPE (Organizational and personnel development) in 4A Academy in Olten / Switzerland. He works today with a focus on quality management and organizational and personnel development.

Alexandra Petculescu
Operations Manager, Marquardt Schaltsysteme Romania

Alexandra Petculescu began his career as a quality engineer 14 years ago after completing a master in the same field. She has held various positions in several automotive companies and she is also qualified as a third party auditor according to ISO / TS 16949, IATF 16949.
He currently is leading the operationsdepartment ofMarquardt Schaltsysteme Romania, the Romanian subsidiary of the international concern with the same name. In the current position, she is responsible for the quality and quantity of the delivered products.
She attended many courses and specializations both in the field of quality and in the improvement of processes. Among these, we could mention VDA 6.3, MSA, SPC, Core TOOLS, Kaizen, 5S, OEE, etc.

Cristi Braga
Quality Manager, Preh Romania

Cristi Braga began his activity as an electronist, in 1987, in one of the automotive factories in Romania, at ARO Campulung. In over 25 years of experience in automotive, he has coordinated and developed quality teams from various organizations in Romania, as well as in Paraguay, implementing or developing rapid response systems to quality issues. It is certified VDA 6.3, VDA 6.5, IATF 16949, ISO 26262, VDA PSB, Green Belt Six Sigma.

He is currently leading the Department of Quality Management, environment and occupational security in SC Preh Romania SRL, Braşov and, since three years, is part of the team of Network Partners Werner Seeger Qualitaetsmanagement.

Karoly KALI
Head of Global Business Quality Excellence, Hirschmann Automotive

Karoly KALIphilosophy about leadership is simplified in 3 words: “Focus On People”! He developed this mindset during the last 10 years of experience in the automotive industry leading different teams. He went through several positions in Hirschmann Automotive, from production quality engineer, customer quality, quality manager, new plant startup support in China and Mexico, to the actual position as Head of Global Business Quality Excellence – whose main responsibility is to develop and implement, new state of the art Quality systems, digitalization projects being a part of it. Besides this function, he globally leads the Integrated Management System Team of Hirschmann. He is an active part of the WSQR trainer/ consultant team.

Laszlo Pipo
Innovation Manager, Autoliv Romania

Industrial & economical Engineer, mastered in leading & organizing people, started career as Process and project Engineer @Steinel Electronic, where I figured out how to apply what I learned and mastered the practical aspects of the job; continued as Industrial Engineering Specialist @Kromberg & Schubert, first contact with automotive industry.

Since 6+ years in Autoliv, started as European Trainee for Operations Manager and since 2014 took over as Innovation Manager for Autoliv Romania. Been active in all our product lines to identify innovative solutions to stay competitive, benchmarking the market, managing our global crowdsourcing platform, organizing and chairing Innovation workshops and events, leading/managing our internal Machine Shop and Machine Build organization.


Liviu Bărnuţiu
Process Quality Manager, Joyson Safety Systems

Liviu Bărnuţiu has formed his knowledge in quality management withTakata Petri Romania, where he helped implementing the ISO TS 16949 quality system. After 12 years of experience in quality management and training in quality management in 2014, he debuted as a consultant on projects of “Problem Solving” carried out successfully with several automotive companies. Since 2015, he is the head of Quality Europe at Key Safety Systems, where he is responsible for maintaining the quality system ISO TS, support for the plant in Romania, Macedonia, Italy and Germany in launching and maintaining a high quality product.

Virgil –TraianRoman
Operational Manager Stabilus Romania – Gas Spring

With almost 10 years’ experience in Operational Management in automotive manufacturing, his leadership skills are influenced by the Find your Why philosophy. His career started 15 years ago as process engineer in automotive cable set factory, where the human operator was the most important “machine”. After years, the experience working with processes and people was put to test when he join a green field project as Process Technology Production Leader. In this position, he toked part on the building of the production facility and also the production system which became a benchmark within the group and sated standards for the new plants within the company. After taking the position of Managing Director in the same company, he focused in building a strong and competent team which raised the bar even higher in regards of continuous improvement and standardization.