Innovative Swiss technology company based in Chur, with a history of over 55 years. The experience and flexibility demonstrated by the team in partnership with the automotive industry over the decades, increase the value of the products offered to customers.

On the basis of production and development capacities, new in-house models and specific applications are produced, on the client’s requirements for the areas of micromechanics and sensors.

Polycontact products meet the highest requirements. Everything is done to create the right solution for the client’s requirements.
Due to the company’s structure, it can respond quickly and flexibly to incoming requests.
For long-term serial quantities and productions, individual manufacturing systems are developed in order to optimize costs. The site excels as an extremely automated production unit, operated by people with the necessary expertise

Marquardt Romania
For winners that are down-to-earth
From its origin in the Swabian Alps to its worldwide expansion, the Marquardt Group has become one of the world’s leading mechatronics experts since its founding in 1925. Today, Marquardt employs more than 11,000 employees across 20 global locations. We are continuing to grow and advance the future of mechatronics, electro-mobility and digital networking. That is why we are on the look-out for a highly-qualified and dedicated staff.

WANTED: #Innovators with passion!
Our creativity, innovation, and doer mindset dates back more than 90 years. Our corporate culture is all about being innovative and taking our products to the next level. This means supporting ambitious colleagues who like to think outside of the box and venture into the unknown. The key to our success story is promoting an environment where our employees have the creative freedom to take the initiative and embark on challenging work.

A Global Player with Family Values
Our company headquarters in Rietheim, Germany is home to a multi-cultural staff, comprised of employees from over forty different countries. IT specialists from France, engineers from India, developers from the US, and mechatronics-specialists from Romania all work together to create the best-possible solutions for our customers. Along with being imaginative and diverse, open to unique ideas and offering maximum flexibility, we are a modern family company with traditional values. Tradition and innovation – while opposites, it’s the combination of these two concepts that makes Marquardt so special. That is what both our customers and our employees like about us.

Zacaria is part of the international group Alf Mizzi & Sons, which was founded in Malta over 100 years ago. The company is a full-service industrial real estate developer, specialized in the acquisition, construction, development and management of industrial and residential properties.
The company has been providing turnkey industrial parks in Romania since 2009 and currently operates 10 such parks located in Sibiu, Craiova, Oradea, Arad, Alba Iulia, Cisnadie, and two new projects on the way in Sibiu and Pitesti. As a result, the company is, today, the third largest industrial developer in the country.

Combining local market knowledge, financial strength and construction expertise, Zacaria provides customized packages of industrial and office space. Its portfolio comprises more than 120 clients, local and international, for companies specialized in logistics, production and connected services.
With a personal approach and an unmatched expertise in the industrial real estate development and property management, Zacaria builds projects that make a lasting impact on the Romanian business environment.



Star Assembly
Together with its sister plant Star Transmission, Star Assembly is an important pillar within the international powertrain production network of Mercedes-Benz Cars. The transmissions produced here are found in Mercedes-Benz cars worldwide.

The company was established in 2013, with the goal to supply top-quality transmissions for Mercedes-Benz customers worldwide. Star Assembly is built on enthusiasm, respect, integrity and discipline, the guidelines for our professional conduct. Our values as dedicated long-term investor also include being a good corporate citizen and active part of the community. With our investment in projects involving health, sports, education and social cases, we are able to contribute actively to the social life of the region.

We successfully assume the role as promoter of the dual educational school as well as run a training centre within the company premises. Gradually, due to the high-valued services rendered, the company rejoiced the successful launched of the 8G-DCT transmission, which is another sign of the commitment of Daimler to the County of Alba and implicitly Romania. Star Transmission and Star Assembly employ more than 3,000 people in Cugir and Sebes.

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