Review on the 2015 edition of Sibiu Quality Days

People give life to Quality Management

Sibiu Quality Days at his 6th edition, is still the only conference dedicated exclusively to quality management in Romania. “Sibiu Quality Days is a tradition,” said Werner Seeger, the event organizer, quoted by the newspaper „The Messenger of Sibiu”.

Managers and quality managers in the automotive industry appreciates the conference that provides information on current developments in the field of quality management and provides also an ideal platform for an exchange of experience.

Sibiu Quality Days 2015 started with the visit of Swoboda Hartmann company located in Cisnadie , where the general manager Jürgen Schmidt welcomed the participants. The company is in charge of assembling and checking the switches, sensors and mechatronic assemblies for the automotive industry.

Nearly half of the participants came from companies located in Sibiu county. Among the companies participating we nominate Kromberg & Schubert , Delphi, Kuka, Flaro Prod, Compa and Fujikura.
Sibiu Quality Days 2015 has been supported by the sponsors Flaro Prod SA and Kuka Systems Group and also by the partners Swoboda Hartmann and VDA QMC

Technical Speech

The psychological profile of Romanian people

Speaker: Flaviu Constantin
Manager Prof. David Daniel

Professor of clinical cognitive sciences at the University of “Babes-Bolyai”

The speech will present the main findings of the work and the monography on Romanian psychology (David D., Romanian people Psychology. The psychological profile of Romanian people into a cognitive experimental approach, in 2015, Polirom, Iasi).

The emphasis will be placed on the conclusions related to (1) trust, (2) cooperation, (3) positive and negative evaluation (4) creative potential and intelligence, (5) competitiveness and (6 ) management style and work, all in conjunction with the country psych-cultural model described by the Dutch psychologist Hofstede. David will discuss theoretical and applicative ways and approaches to competitively use psychological aspects.

Workshop I

Customer specific requirements

Workshop moderator: Dr. Liviu Barnitiu
Head of Quality Europe, Key Safety Systems

Customer requirements in the automotive industry become more stringent every year. The client, when changing a requirement in its system wants in the coming days or weeks to have a confirmation that its requirements have been understood and implemented in every factory his supplier is present.

Of course it happens that, these specific requirements aren’t known to each provider’s quality system, and therefore it comes to complaints, because the client is not receiving products under that specification.

What to do and how to prevent these complaints based on failure to comply with specific customer? How to implement and understand customer specific requirements in an automotive company?

Workshop II

Product Safety Representative: challenge and advantage to fit customer requirements

Workshop moderator: Augustin Moldovan
Quality Manager at Swoboda Hartmann

Customer Requirements for product and process are beside the Standard requirements by SO 9001, TS 16949 are further great challenge for the company’s. Volkswagen is one of the OEM who set explicit his request into the supplier organization about the function of Product Safety Representative.

What are the duties of this new function and why is it so important for the company, you can find out by attending this workshop! As a case study, the participants will develop a work procedure for one of the most delicate situations that could arise in the life of a company: recall cars in service.

This workshop is not to take as a record for participate the official licensee training.

Workshop III

Capable Supplier Management reduces risks!

Workshop moderator: Petra Cioran
Internal and Corporate Auditor, ThyssenKrupp Presta Steering, Liechtenstein

Choosing suppliers – a current issue between the purchasing department and the quality department. Reduced price versus quality.

What needs to be done in order to have a supplier’s management where cost optimization, sustainability, risk management and value contribution to be compatible with each other? One of the aspect that can help is integrating the suppliers in the company.

You will be able to develop with the others workshop participants, how and what needs a supplier, to be compatible in the automotive industry market as required by the VDA 6.3 and then implement it in your company!

Workshop IV

Human Resources – People… the most important capital of a company!

Workshop moderator: Petru Grindean
HR Manager

An approach that will start from the requirements of ISO/TS 16949 on requirements to be met by companies in the automotive industry, but from the Human Resources manager perspective in relation to the current situation of the labor market.

We are facing great challenges, we find ourselves today between these realities: the need to develop the business, the difficult situation of the labor market and customer satisfaction.

What can we, as managers, not only to perform alongside our teams? In this workshop we ask questions about this topic, we seek together and will identify HR methods and tools to increase performance teams that are responsible.

Each participant will draw its own conclusions on the effectiveness and appropriateness of one or either of the methods that we will discuss. Both classical instruments, concerning, for example, the techniques of recruitment and selection, compensation policies, methods of preparation and training, but also what is known as the soft HR, I mean the motivation, performance management, organizational communication will be topics of discussion during this workshop. Those listed are not exclusive. There are also other important activities that HR departments must embrace and whose results are measurable.

If a quality manager understand and apply this information, he definitely will perform with his team. Finally, this workshop aims to provide solutions not unique or applicable standard, because it doesn’t exist in HR management. This workshop aims, to create an appropriate environment of communication, discussing the various ideas that may be particular solutions for the participants.
In these times, each of us, as managers, we need to be concerned about perpetual labor market scanning, threats, challenges and competition.


Daniel David is professor of clinical cognitive sciences at the University of “Babes-Bolyai” Cluj-Napoca, associate professor (adjunct professor) at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai in New York, founding director of the International Institute of Advanced Studies of Psychotherapy and Applied Mental Health (integrated into the International Network MERIL of research units of European interest) and Board Member of the International Coaching Institute. He is also Director of Research (and diplomat) of the Albert Ellis Institute, New York, and supervisor at the Academy of Cognitive Therapy (USA).

The founding editor, co-editor of the editorial board or member of several journals indexed Web of Science from the country and abroad. It is the psychologist from Romania, with the highest scientometric index Hirsch (with most citations in the field), being national representant in European Science Foundation.

Through the country, the professor represented major international research projects (e.g. DREAM in FP7), he published in top International journals and for prestigious Publishers (Oxford University Press Some of care). He received a large number of national and international awards such as the Prize “Constantin Radulescu-Motru” of the Romanian Academy (2012) and Henry Guze Award (2003). In 2008, he was awarded the Order of Merit.

Liviu Bărnuţiu has formed his knowledge in quality management withTakata Petri Romania, where he helped implementing the ISO TS 16949 quality system. After 12 years of experience in quality management and training in quality management in 2014, he debuted as a consultant on projects of “Problem Solving” carried out successfully with several automotive companies. Since 2015, he is the head of Quality Europe at Key Safety Systems, where he is responsible for maintaining the quality system ISO TS, support for the plant in Romania, Macedonia, Italy and Germany in launching and maintaining a high quality product.

Augustin Moldovan began his professional career in quality assurance at Oltchim , where he has significantly contributed to the first external certification according to ISO 9001 in Romania at the time. Through his trainings, he expanded his professional horizons in the field of quality management and gained important experience in the implementation of total quality management (TQM) system through cooperation with TÜV.

Since 2000 he has worked as a consultant for quality and environmental management. Over the years, he supported several Romanian companies as a consultant for the implementation of quality, environmental and TQM systems. As head of Quality Assurance Department at the company of Eduard Hartmann Romania in Cisnădie (Heltau), since 2004 he has been responsible, among other things, for compliance with the ISO/TS 16949, for national and international supplier audits, technical assistance in relocation of production to Romania, quality assurance for exported goods, as well as for preparation of the company for customer audits.

Augustin Moldovan has published several articles in specialist journals in the field of quality management and among others has helped develop training materials in environmental management for the Technical University of Cluj-Napoca.

Since 2012 Petra Cioran is an internal systems auditor for the company ThyssenKrupp Presta located in Eschen -Liechtenstein. She started her professional activity 19 years ago for the company Rolem SRL Codlea, which is producing ornamental wooden elements for cars inside.

She passed through all the quality department positions and in this way, she reached the Quality Manager position in 2004. Then she reached the quality management responsible position for the company Quin Romania Brasov, where she had the primary task of conducting internal and external audits according to the orientation system ISO TS 16949 requirements and of course supporting across all client audits (VDA 6.3).

The long practical experience in quality management is now proven in her VDA 6.3(process audit) and ISO TS 1649 (system audit) auditor career in the company. Since 2006 Petra Cioran is part of Werner Seeger Quality Management team for consultancy and trainings in QM systems and leads as a trainer accredited by VDA QMC, ISO / TS 16949 and VDA 6.3 seminars on these topics.

As a consultant and auditor, Petra Cioran successfully supported many companies in various industries in their path to certification according to DIN EN ISO 9001 / ISO / TS 16949. Her ability and willingness to provide competent advice to the customers, based on their specific requirements, was proved several times for Werner Seeger Quality Management.

Petru Grindeanu is the owner of the Human Resources Process in one of the top automotive company from Sibiu, in which his excellent interpersonal, influencing and negotiation skills have conducted to great achievements. With an excellent basic understanding of the technical, production and/or quality processes, Grindeanu achieved his expertise in the automotive organizations.

Petru Grindeanu has an extended experience in managing human resources in industrial organizations, good experience to work under QMS rigor, well experiences in Planning, Recruitment, Administration, Payroll, Motivation and Assessment of staff and personnel in Automotive organization.


Flaro Prod

Flaro was a production company since the early days of small private companies Graziosa Mill in 1922. Back then, the archives listed as main activity “production of envelopes and writing paper” natural area that has developed in the coming years, gradually evolving and giving consistence to Flaro brand on the Romanian market and not only.
Today we dare to important areas such as automotive and electrical industry, challenges that we assume with courage, leading fields from the Romanian and worldwide industry that places a production company to a level of excellence.

Flaro Prod Company operates in Sibiu location in serving national and international markets – Europe, USA and China. The Automotive field, with a percentage of 65% from the turnover of the company, is the main development vector in continuous growth. The export activity of the company is related in particular to the production of automotive components and represents over 50% of total turnover, one upward trend, in terms of a business in continuous growth.

We dispose of a quality management accordant to ISO 9001 and fulfill the automotive quality standards conform ISO / TS 16949. In the future, we intend to implement the environmental management system ISO 14001. One of our strengths is the flexibility in the production of small series. Technical equipment is modern: we use advanced injection equipment with all necessary peripherals. For the production of metal parts we use automatic presses and plating. Services offered by Flaro Prod include plastics processing, injection, punching and bending metal processing, metal plating, CNC lathe, manual assembly and welding of PVC.
The Flaro Prod product range includes: complex parts for the car lighting and electrical system, gearbox parts, parts contributing to the vehicle safety; plastic parts for electrotechnical products, office supplies, writing instruments, stationery products, merchandising specialities, haberdashery and household goods.

Learn more about Flaro Prod

Flaro Prod


KUKA Systems Group

The KUKA Systems Group is one of the world’s leading providers of engineering services and manufacturers of flexible automatic production systems. Our customers are companies from the automotive, aerospace, and solar industries, among others. Our range of performance encompasses products and services for almost all applications in the industrial processing of metallic or non-metallic materials.
With 5800 employees, in over 15 countries, each of the companies works together for the production solutions of the future. Within the subsidiary from Sibiu takes place the production, the assembly as well as installing electric and pneumatic fastening tools, the so-called Orange Tools. In the second stage follows the grab kit and fastening frames, contour parts and manufacturing individual parts. The Romanian subsidiary of KUKA is in Sibiu, old Hermannstadt, a city where are a lot of factories and many other German companies.

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Partner of the Sibiu Quality Days 2015

Swoboda Hartmann Romania

When it comes to production of sensors or mechatronic solutions, then Swoboda Hartmann Romania belongs to the most valued partners in the automotive industry. Our skills and experience in the fields of mechanical, electrical and electronic as well as our desire to always give the best of ourself, are the cornerstone of our continuing progress.

As a family company, we are flexible and fast. These details are very important for our customers in the automotive industry. Swoboda Hartmann Romania is a company of the Swoboda Hartmann Group, which is acting globally (Germany, Romania, Czech Republic, China, Mexico and the United States) in the automotive industry, with more than 2,800 employees.

As an average company, we handle a partnership with our customers as well as a close cooperation with them. We set as target the most demanding requirements and we find solutions appropriate to our customers. Our competences and experiences, the team spirit and the belief to always find innovative solutions and optimal, speaking about costs, are the important columns that our success is based on.

All the 500 employees of Swoboda Hartmann Romania have the ambition to provide top performance. Our company is looking with confidence towards the future. The three existing production plants in Cisnadie,represent the basis of our future development.

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Swoboda Hartmann Romania



VDA QMC – quality standards of the German automotive industry One of the most relevant pace makers in the development and dissemination of quality standards is the Association of the German Automotive Industry (VDA). Its Quality Management Center (QMC) combines high technical expertise, years of experience “on the job”,and provides a knowledge transfer to the quality professionals.
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