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Now in its 10-year edition, this one-of-a-kind conference offers you invaluable insights into the exponential growth of disruptive technologies and the changes those technologies are bringing to the workplace.
With this year’s theme “The future of Quality is now! How do I use digitalization to lead?“ you will get the opportunity to learn and connect from industry leaders and great specialists.
This event combines keynote speech from VDA QMC with 6 interactive workshops moderated by leaders and industry experts – ready to explore topics in a unique and engaged way.


Please find the draft for our Sibiu Quality Days Agenda 2019 by klicking: here

Company Visit
We will visit a very well-known and prestigious company in which we will see in practice the relationship between humans and machines. You will be able to ask questions and discuss first handedly with some of the industry leaders in automatization and digitalization.

Key Speaker
Dr. Yuliya Prakopchyk

Head of Training and Professional Development
German Association of the Automotive Industry/Quality-Management-Centre

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As our customer testimonials guide us, we strive to offer the perfect quality field reunion for creating a highly interactive and great learning experience that is unmatched in the industry.
Sibiu Quality Days by Werner Seeger offer you the opportunity to be on par with some of the leading company from around the country—and that will reinforce your organization’s commitment to quality in the eyes of your competitors, your colleagues, and of course your community.
The agenda will includes workshops tailored to your needs, which will deal with real, practical problems and work out solutions together with the industry experts, who are eager to share their best practices, solutions and results.

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